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Police 1013 Download Pc

All about Police 1013 PC Game. Police 1013: Police 1013 is a graphic adventure video game. You have been arrested and you have to find out how to use the information and money you have to avoid getting caught. Your uncle, a police detective, gave you the possibility to help him and his two partners in order to catch a wanted criminal. You can discover locations in the game, solve puzzles, talk to characters, buy objects and weapons to help you catch the criminal, you can hack and enter into computers and look through files and documents and more… A powerful and immersive story that offers an original and unique gameplay. The game is developed by The Molasses Flood in a limited edition of 500. According to the developers, the game will be available on March 30th, for PC and Mac, and the price of the game will be 12.99€ for PC and 9.99€ for Mac. Replayability The Police 1013 is one of the few games in which we have the possibility to replay every single levels and find new solutions, collect new clues and get to know new characters. There are over 20 levels in the game, each one of them offering different situations that you must solve to reach the goal. The game is not completed and there is still work to do, so if you like what you find in the game, you can still find some new details and some places that you’ve never seen before. The Molasses Flood developers promise to add new contents in future updates of the game, so if you think the game has not been finished yet, you can consider yourself lucky. You can consider the game a bit like an interactive movie where you can interact with all the characters you meet, you can see who they are and what they are doing at each moment, you can see what they are looking at and how they are interacting with the objects and people that are in the environment. The way to interact with people and objects is also the way to get hints that lead you to the correct paths and solutions, so that even if you have solved the level before, you will have to try a bit harder to discover the paths that were not shown before. There are also some fast-paced sequences in which the protagonist must think fast and perform stunts to reach the goal, like a car chase or an escape from a prison. If you

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